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08 Oct 2013
Enterprise Mobile App Store for effective Mobile App Management

App Stores - We have become familiar with AppStore due to the famous Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. AppStore’s have become a lifestyle need for consumers and the increasing reliance of app stores for discovery of interesting apps, books etc brings about the requirement to have an Enterprise AppStore.

If we take an organization that facilitates mobile-savvy users - it will have many mobile applications built for internal use and external apps provisioned by the Enterprise (where the Enterprise reimburse the user for the app).

When you want to manage Mobile Applications better and provision them to devices and have the same Apple AppStore experience for users of the Enterprise - WSO2Mobile Mobile Application Management suite provides the tools necessary for it.

The business user will log into the Enterprise AppStore and view the apps that interest him. He will install the applications to his preferred device (this requires WSO2Mobile MDM integration) with in the comfort of the browser. Also he can install the corporate sanctioned public App Store apps from the Enterprise AppStore itself.

WSO2Mobile MAM solution also integrates with the Apple Volume Purchase Program to facilitate provisioning of bulk purchased apps to users. An example would be - bulk purchasing 100 licenses of Enterprise Sales automation app from the Apple AppStore and provisioning devices through the Enterprise AppStore.

On the context of the application lifecycle - WSO2Mobile MAM provides a similar developer ecosystem (as Apple AppStore and Google Play Store). The Developer will log into the Publisher console and submit his application for review purpose. A reviewer will log into the Publisher and review the application and publish it to the App Store. The Store front will only display the applications that are reviewed via a reviewer.

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