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18 May 2013
Playing Binary Dice with Arduino

I wanted to play with Arduino for a long time and now I got a weekend that I can work on it. Unfortunately I need to boot a new OS to my RaspberryPi to work since I had some issues connecting the Network interface to it. Anyway I am trying to build a small LED Dice as a starter project for Arduino. I got myself a book regarding Arduino which had this toy project.

The Circuit

I knew that Arduino’s 13th socket can be used to connect LEDs directly to the board but didn’t knew actually why. Arduino sockets have high voltage but the 13th socket has a inbuilt 1k resistor inbuilt. For this project I am using 12, 11, 10 sockets.

Breadboard basics

One of the biggest hiccups I faced was not knowing how to use the breadboard properly. Well everything has a learning curve. You can’t traverse opposing currents in the same line of the breadboard. It will not work that way. Below is an example.

The top most resistor and LED are connected in the wrong way. The other two are connected in the correct way.

So be careful when using the breadboard. Also another {“good tip is to cut off the pins to the right size”} since it becomes a head-ache to manage them.


I am starting my work on Arduino and will be learning more and more about electronics in the following months. I have couple of projects planned out. Also there is a Sri Lankan Arduino alternative built which is called TechArduino which is a cheaper alternative so the motivation to build more projects is arising :D.

Till next time mate,
Dulitha at 12:23

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